This bold and chunky range of hand carved jewellery pieces act as little sculptural pieces. The minimalist organic design gives focus to the imperfection and asymmetrical curves created by hand.

Influenced by Biomorphic sculptures of Brancusi resulted in the minimalist and organic appeal.

Organic abstractionwas associated with the philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941) who believed that evolutionary process (nature) and artistic creativity (art) derive from the same source. 

Gold, silver, wood, bone and stone, these are earths materials that are represented in this unique collection through the use of brass, silver, pearls, wood and porcelain.(pebbles formed in a river-bed)

Attention is on the presence of man and nature through the use of earths materials, organic curves and the visible hand of man by sculpting.

The playful minimalist  jewellery pieces  is about possibilities for stacking and layering to create a one-of-a-kind, simple and elegant, appeal.

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