Iloni jewellery is characterised by classic simplicity, understated detail and precise finishes. Iloni celebrates and complements the uniqueness, quiet strength and spontaneity embedded within each woman.

Madri van Zyl is a Stellenbosch University graduate specialising in Contemporary Jewellery Design. She started the jewellery brand, Iloni “my joy”, in 2015. She is passionate about creating timeless designer jewellery and accessories that accentuate a woman's uniqueness. Wearing exclusive Iloni designs allows a woman to feel the joy and excitement of expressing herself without having to say a word. Iloni is quiet yet strong, and a little unpredictable.

Madri is always looking for alternative materials and techniques to use in her jewellery, which distinguishes her brand from others. Each handcrafted piece is unique and fits into a larger theme or series with a specific story, colour pallet and range of materials. Attention is given to the smallest detail, including the packaging and display, to communicate the high standard of quality and clever design that Iloni is characterised by.